Simple Corporate Video in 24 hours

Do you want a simple corporate video produced and delivered within 24 hours?
For £550+VAT?
Read on...

We can produce a simple talking head corporate video for £550 + VAT that is delivered within 24 hours.

This offer includes:

  1. Filming someone talking to camera for a maximum of one hour.
  2. One professional camera person who will also manage lighting and sound.
  3. Pre-agreed options for title and end cards.
  4. Logo placement.
  5. Simple top and tail edit.
  6. Colour grade and sound mix.
  7. Music if the video is non-commercial.
  8. London based only, or travel is an additional cost.

Additional costs (please note we cannot guarantee a 24 hour delivery if additions are made):

  1. Editorial edit.
  2. Teleprompter.
  3. Graphics.
  4. Animation.
  5. Bullet points and captioning.
  6. Cutaways/stills.
  7. Music for commercial purposes.

Please email or call  0333 012 4265  for more information or to book.