The VividEcho team is made up of video production trainers, film-makers, project managers, event planners and more! We are constantly learning from each other and we want to share our findings with you through our Blog. We also want to keep you up-to-date with new and exciting projects as we work on them.

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  • BFI Documentary Residential 2015

    The BFI Film Academy Documentary Residential offered a fantastic opportunity for 40 young individuals (16-19) from across the UK to learn the practice of Documentary production. By the end of the residential they each had a five to ten minute film to their name. On top of this there were a variety of Masterclasses from…

    BFI Academy
  • BFI Documentary Residential 2015 (First Weekend)

    If a full-length film shot on an iPhone 5S can be selected for Sundance Festival in the current industry, then who knows what the future holds for these budding filmmakers?

    BFI Academy
  • Simple steps to creating video content

    Throughout March and April we delivered our free taster session to a number of small charities. In the three hour session with assistance of experts from Dream Engine Melbourne the participants were taught how simple it is to plan, film and edit their own video content. We have been so pleased to see the charities…

  • Common marketing challenges for small businesses and how we plan to meet them

    Our marketing challenges and how we plan to meet them: Having just been to an online marketing workshop at the BIPC at the British Library my business partner and I are now at the point where we need to take our marketing, and in fact our whole business to the next level. What does this…

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  • 10 tips for working with young people not in education, training or employment (NEET)

    We have been working with young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) for many years now and have just completed delivery of our second film production training course for The Prince’s Trust. Here are our top 10 tips for working with this group: 1. Set an informal contract at the beginning…

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  • 6 useful things I have learnt about Social Media Policy

    I have just returned from an informative seminar at the Westminster eForum on ‘Policy Priorities for Social Media’. There was a bevy of industry professionals including lawyers, regulators, Heads of Marketing, Social Media and Strategy from a range of organisations. I decided to attend the meeting and pay the fee (which was worth it) because…

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  • Creating Tomorrow’s Pioneers in 3D Film

    Our first guest blog is on The Next Women online magazine and is titled’ Creating Tomorrow’s Pioneers in 3D Film’. It explores our experiences as start up tech entrepreneurs. The article focuses on our 3D work including top tips for filming in 3D, our take on the growth of the 3D and the reasons why…

    3D film-making at 4749 Tanner St CTVC3
  • The power of sharing stories through online video

    This week I am writing about the power of online video. There are many stories that need to be told. Once told these stories need to be shared. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. With that much video content how can we filter out stuff that we want to view? How…

  • Growing a Twitter Following

    Having just set up our new twitter account in January I was keen to grow my twitter following. I had started another account at my previous job and in 2 and half years had 1700 followers. Since January I now have 130 followers and I am, of course, disappointed. So I have been racking my…

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  • Film in Schools

    With the announcement of the BFI’s Film Nation UK there has never been a more exciting time for film-making in British schools. We have always loved providing film training for schools and this week saw our third visit to Hinchingbrooke in Cambridgeshire. I started delivering film-training workshops to schools in 2005 and have seen how…