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With the announcement of the BFI’s Film Nation UK there has never been a more exciting time for film-making in British schools. We have always loved providing film training for schools and this week saw our third visit to Hinchingbrooke in Cambridgeshire.

I started delivering film-training workshops to schools in 2005 and have seen how it can be used to compliment all areas of the curriculum as well as playing a major part in any enrichment programme.

Hinchingbrooke already have an excellent film studies course run by Mr Lloyd. With film already so established in the school they have always been receptive to the workshops that we deliver for them and I am always impressed by the films that the students produce.

Our film training programme for schools operate in the same way as all of our other courses – we give students creative and technical control and they make their own choices around content, production and editing. We simply provide a framework, tools and guidance.

This year we decided to deliver the workshop around the theme ‘Healthy Living.’ We recently delivered 13 films for a client around this subject and decided to use a couple of these films as a catalyst for idea development. We discussed what healthy living meant to the students – exercise, nutrition, healthy mind, positive activities and relationships. Their ideas were varied and the content ideas for their short films quickly began to develop.

We had two days with the students at Hinchingbrooke and in that time they learnt skills in idea development, pre-production, filming and editing. By the end of day 2 they had produced 4 short films (2 healthy lifestyle films and two behind the scenes films) which we all enjoyed together at the mini-screening event we held to conclude the workshop.

At the core of the workshop is team-work and time-keeping. Deadlines are strict and if the students over run they will fall short on editing time and risk not completing their films. This is a skill that is important in all film-making but particularly when you are working on such tight deadlines. I was so impressed by the way the students completed the tasks that were set for them and was once again blown away by the creativity of their ideas. I don’t think that I would ever have come up with a war themed film that used junk food vs healthy food as the weapons of choice!

I am so excited that film-making is finding its place in schools. VividEcho will soon be launching our 3D Film Workshops specifically targeted at schools. We feel students up and down the country will enjoy the challenge of producing 3D content while learning cutting edge skills will prepare them for a future in an exciting digital age. As technology evolves we want to ensure that students are getting access to the latest technology and creating content that they are proud to share with their audiences.

In the meantime 2D film-making continues to thrive. The films that were created at Hinchingbrooke this week prove that even first time film-makers can produce excellent content to be proud of.

Watch the films produced by students from Hinchingbrooke School here:

World War Pea

Domber and Dom

Post by Alison Wright



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