VividEcho’s Top Five 3D Tips for 2013


In December 2012 we worked in partnership with the BFI Future Film and CTVC to deliver a 3D event. We had been training people to make short 3D films which were screened at the BFI in London. The event also featured a Q&A with world class 3D experts including:

  • Jacquie Pepall, who managed the launch of Sky’s dedicated 3D channel, acting as a Producer, Director, and Production Consultant and was 3D producer on David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants.
  • Adam May is Head of Production for Vision3, who provide expert stereoscopic consultancy and 3D Camera and post production teams for feature films, documentary, and special event projects. Adam has worked on Jack The Giant Slayer, Pirates of the Caribbean and Flying Monsters with David Attenborough. Adam is also current Co-Chair of the UK Committee of the International 3D Society.
  • Adam Sculthorp is Creative Director and Senior Stereographer of Dimension Media which he launched in 2010, a company specialising in Stereography and 3D Support to the Broadcast and Features industries across the UK and Europe. In 2009 Adam became closely involved with the development and subsequent launch of the Sky 3D channel in the UK. His recent credits include Ridley Scott’s feature film, Prometheus.

Our first post shares our top tips on 3D film-making. Future posts will feature transcripts of the Q&A as well other video production and event information.

VividEcho’s Top Five 3D tips

  1. Be Bold – with 3D filming being such a new practice you can’t be scared to push the limits and be bold. Top industry experts are still experimenting with techniques and workflows, so there is no need to fear whether or not you are doing it the ‘right way’. Throw the 3D rule book in the fire and whatever ideas you have just go out make them! You can experiment with the way you shoot, edit, or construct the narrative of your film.
  2. Patience – working in 3D requires patience. All parts of the film-making process take longer than if you were making a 2D film. In pre-production you need to make sure your locations will look great in 3D. During production you need to get all of your measurements spot on to avoid eye strain when you come to the final product, and finally in post production you are dealing with twice as many video files (left eye video and right eye video), so importing, editing and exporting will take longer. It’s a slight shock at first but something easy to become accustomed to.
  3. It’s not the same as 2D – the worst thing you could do when embarking on a 3D film is expecting to just apply everything you know about 2D filming making to 3D. Certain shots which look great in 2D may just look awful in 3D, and vice-a-versa. For example 3D bird’s eye view shots make people look really short. There is no problem with making people look short but this may not have been the effect you were going for when you originally envisaged the shot.
  4. Lighting – bad lighting is always a bugbear for every film. When you have bad lighting in a 3D film not only do you have a poor shot but you also lose the 3D illusion. It’s not just about lighting your subject but also the location.
  5. Tape Measure – on every 2D film set gaffer tape is an essential piece of kit and now the same can be said about a tape measure on 3D sets. When shooting it’s great to be able to measure out your shots, and check the calculations so you know the shot will not cause eye strain. It just gives you that extra comfort of knowing everything you shoot is useable.

We use a JVC GY-HMZ1 camera, the plug-in for editing is 0S3D and the iphone app for measuring is 3DST (3D Stereoscopic Tool).

By Asim Ali, Junior Editor, CTVC


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  • Posted by Vincent Armstead

    The event was delightful and many useful tips were gained. Yes 3d technology is completely different from 2d. As technology has emerged new techniques are in demand. But great tips suggested..

  • Posted by Sam

    Really helpful tips. Nice skills

  • Posted by Doug

    Great event and TT3D was an awesome choice of film. Really enjoyed the insights given in the Q&A definitely gave me food for thought.

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