Case Studies

British Heart Foundation

We have been working with the British Heart Foundation since 2010. We have trained young people with heart conditions to create digital content for the Yheart website, a young people’s support and information service.  We have also produced award winning videos. Our work for them has been delivered over a number of years.

2011 – 2012

We produced 14 short films made by professional film-makers for the Yheart website. These films engaged young people with heart conditions in idea development, filming, acting and presenting. These films were launched in 2013 and are part of the Yheart website. You can view our film on being Newly Diagnosed here.


We trained 10 young people to become reporters for the British Heart Foundation (Yheart Reporters). Each young person received film-making equipment and training from film-makers and journalists. They are currently producing short films that the British Heart Foundation will use across their social networking sites. They have attended fundraising events, visited 10 Downing Street with a petition and interviewed footballer Fabrice Muamba about his heart condition.

We planned and hosted a screening event at the British Film Institute. This event acted as a launch for all of the films that we had produced for the Yheart website. Young film-makers and special guests were invited.


We delivered two short films about a young girl who is diagnosed with a heart condition. As part of the ideas development phase we delivered a training weekend with 5 young people, some of whom have a heart condition. They developed the treatment and from this we worked on a script.  We received feed back on the script from young people with heart conditions and modified it accordingly. Young people also supported us as crew and extras on the shoot days. We organised a screening event at the British Film Institute. The films are being used by The BHF as an educational resource for young people with heart conditions and their parents. These films won the BMA Patient Engagement Award 2015. See the films here

2015 – 2016

We are training a group of young people with heart conditions in video production and we have produced a short information film about going to university with a heart condition.


We are in the pre-production phase for further film delivery and we have delivered workshops for young heart patients in video production and photography skills.