Video for non-profits

VividEcho have a strong track record in working with charities and the not-for-profit sector. We have a unique ability to deliver high quality video content whilst engaging our Clients and their beneficiaries throughout the process.

VividEcho don’t simply record events they become become part of the project. They go  the extra mile to understand what’s happening. The result is output that captures not only the facts but beautifully expresses the spirit.

Father Jamieson, 2017

We have produced a range of video content for our non-profit clients. As well as focussing on high production values we also offer a unique service that engages our Client’s beneficiaries in the pre-production and production process.

This includes:

1. Pre-production workshops covering ideas development and script-writing. We work closely with the group to understand the message that they want to convey and from there we develop a story that we know will engage a wider audience. We ensure that their real voices are heard.

2. We offer training in lighting, camera skills, design and sound. The group often works with us on production days as crew.

3. We often hold a screening event to celebrate the success of the project and we offer support in social media to ensure that the video is shared widely.


During the project VividEcho worked with a small group of young people from NYAS, which worked really well as the staff from Vivid Echo were able to really engage with the young people.  The mind mapping exercises around the table at the beginning worked really well.  At all times the staff worked at the right pace for the young people and ensured that they felt empowered and were very young person led.  The organisation of the team was fabulous and each section flowed perfectly into the next so that the young people could see the entire process fold out.  There was no question/suggestion too big or small, and the sense of achievement the young people felt at the end was fantastic.  Vivid Echo Staff worked really hard to ensure the young people’s sense of ownership remained at all times.

The staff from VE managed to build up such a positive and engaging rapport with the young people in a very short time and this was paramount to the success of the project.

Working with Vivid Echo was a fantastic experience, for both Staff and the Young People! 

           Alison Prescott, Participation Officer, NYAS