Bespoke Training

VividEcho can deliver tailor-made video production training for you, your staff, clients and beneficiaries.

We were looking for a bespoke course covering all aspects of video production to start producing our own videos in-house and with Vivid Echo we got exactly that. The two-day training was well structured, comprehensive and informative; the trainer, Christopher Matic, proved knowledgeable, professional and extremely engaging. We also found it very convenient to have a media manual tailored to our equipment. I have no hesitation in recommending Vivid Echo to anyone looking for a high quality video training at a reasonable price.

Giacomo Gatti, Marketing & Comms Manager, London International Trade Team, UK Trade & Investment London 



We can design in-house video production training for your staff, volunteers, clients and beneficiaries. This can include the following:

1. Delivering training using your own camera kit and preferred editing software.

2. Creating an easy to follow work flow so that you know how to export, upload and save files.

3. Focussing training on the content that you would like to produce, i.e. interviews, filming events, promotional DVD’s.

4. Providing a simple step by step guide designed specifically for your needs enabling you to continue to produce video content when we have gone.

5. Mentoring. Our mentoring service provides regular sessions either face-to-face or remotely where we can advise, trouble shoot and offer technical advice. This is particularly useful if you have had an initial training session and want extra support creating video content.

6. We can deliver training in 3D video production for that extra special visual content.

If you would like to learn how to make video content visit our training page for our latest courses.

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The Time to Shine intern programme has used the team at Vividecho for all the launch conference events where the interns meet for the first time.  They are a brilliant training team, full of expertise, enthusiasm and energy which rubs off on those being trained. 

It works for our event on three levels:
1. Great training which really engages people;
2. A bonding exercise quickly breaking down barriers;
3. A promotional video of our work.

Helen Stockdale, the Rank Foundation